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Club Signs

WiPath specialises in providing standout signage for clubs with dynamic text and graphic integrated electronic LED signs.

Check our gallery of club sign examples above.

Electronic Scoreboards

WiPath supplies a range of indoor or outdoor electronic scoreboards specially designed for each requirement and sport. Our scoreboards are available in a variety of styles and layouts and can be custom designed to your specific club or sports needs.

Indoor Signs

WiPath supplies a wide array of indoor LED signage solutions including:

Outdoor LED Signs

The use of LED signs for advertising and message display is on the rise. Businesses have increased their profit by considerable margins by simply changing to this flexible, durable and low maintenance way of reaching out to their customer base. Schools, clubs and community groups are better able to better manage their communication with the community. LED signage is the most versatile form of electronic signage, able to be built to almost any shape and size and with super high brightness, it is able to be read in any lighting condition day or night. Easy to use control software allows for the display of video, text or images in most standard formats with a huge range of message schedules enabling different messages or pictures to be displayed when you want them. The signs are able to be split into several different windows allowing static messaging alongside images, video and time/date and temperature displays. Contact us about your requirements.

School Signs

WiPath is the leading supplier of LED signs for schools and other educational establishments in Australasia with hundreds of schools enjoying the benefits of a changeable message signboard, internal information board, video wall or electronic scoreboard. Our extensive knowledge of the requirements of schools enables us to provide you with a high quality long lasting solution. Our experience of the unique climatic conditions in both Australia and New Zealand ensures you get a solution appropriate for your environment and not an off-the-shelf product that often proves unreliable and inappropriate for local conditions.

Specialised LED Signage

WiPath is able to supply a wide variety of specialised LED signage solutions including: Shop window video displays Video walls Message centres Advertising signs School signs Carpark signs Fuel price signs Nursecall signs Indoor and outdoor scoreboards LED Clocks including multiple time zones Foreign exhange banners and rate boards Meal ready signs and many more.... Talk to us about your requirements.