Apollo ALA29 Ruggedised

Apollo ALA29 ruggedised IP54 rated pocsag alphanumeric pager.  Ideal for use in high maintenance situations such as hospitals, aged care facilities, fire departments, police etc.

·  4 Lines, Total 84 Alphanumeric One Page Display

·  IP-54 Approval

·  Blue Back-Light, Large Screen

·  6 Keys Operation, Easy Operation

·  Use Rechargeable 2.4V 350mAh Battery

·  Desk Charger (Optional)

·  Large Memory Size; Total Capacity 259,062 Letters

·  General Message: 16 sets + Message Full:10 sets, total capacity 20480 letters

·  Personal Message: 10 sets, total capacity 1000 letters

·  Mail Drop: 15 sets, total capacity 228,345 letters

·  4 Beep Alerts with LED Flash, 10 Melody Alerts with LED Flash, Vibration with LED Flash, LED Flash Only, or Sleep

·  12hr or 24 hr format real time clock (selectable)

·  Unread Message Reminder Alert

·  Error Message, Duplicate Message, Full Message Indicator

·  Manual pager on/off

·  Convenient Functions; 5 Daily Alarm, Auto Scroll, Auto Sleep, Zoom In/Out

·  10 Sets for Messages Lock

·  Real Time Clock Calendar

·  Message Time Stamp

·  Month, Date, Year, Time Display (British or American date format)

·  5 sets daily alarm

·  Memory retention during battery replacement

·  Page scrolling (selectable)

·  Selective PC or Hand Programming

·  Up to 8 Capcodes for POCASG

Model Codes/Protocols

Pocsag (ALA29)


60db @ 25 kHz


132-174 MHz (RoHS), 473 MHz and, 929-931 MHz (ALA29)

Frequency Deviation

+/- 4.5 kHz

Paging Sensitivity

512 BPS-5uV/M, 1200 BPS-7uV/M, 2400bps-9uV/M

Alert Tone Loudness

88dB @ 10 cm

Baud Rate

512 / 1200 / 2400 BPS for POCSAG


1x 2.4V 350mA Rechargeable Battery


Pager: 22 (h) x 79 (l) x 57 mm (w).

Display: 57 (l) x 20 mm (w)

Channel Spacing

25 kHz

Weight (with battery)

90g with battery & 130g with battery & holster

Spurious Rejection

40db below carrier

language: EN-US;mso-bidi-language:AR-SA'>  Up to 8 Capcodes for POCASG


NameFileFile size 
AL-A29 SoftwareALA29-PIMO-115(USB)(XP_WIN7)(AA0429).zip 2.71 MB Image of download button
ALA29 Product SheetApollo A29 NEW.pdf 0.05 MB Image of download button

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