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i-Page is messaging software for the dispatching of text or SMS messages to a variety of wireless messaging devices. It is primarily designed for networked client/server operations although a single user version is available (i-Page Personal Edition). i-Page utilizes IP communications between the server and clients enabling clients on a local and/or wide area network to send messages to pagers and other text capable wireless devices such as cellular phones, MDTs etc.

The i-Page server software is located on a centralized PC with access to the carriers to which it is to communicate. The server may have any number of carriers of various protocols and communications mediums and which may be local or remote (see comms protocols below.) The i-Page Client is loaded on to each PC requiring the ability to send messages. Clients may be located anywhere on the LAN or WAN with normal access to the server.

Alarm clients may also be connected to automatically generate alphanumeric messages in response to alarm events. Contacts are contained either in a local or a shared database with a cascading Explorer-like folder structure. Groups may be set up to allow a single message to be sent to multiple contacts in one hit and may consist of contacts of different types connected to different carriers. There are no limits imposed on the number of carriers, contacts or groups. 

Communications Protocols

The following communications interface protocols are supported by i-Page:

TAP (PET) - analogue modem dial-up protocol
TAP Direct - Serial direct connection protocol
Pacnet - X25 analogue modem protocol
SNPP - simple network paging protocol
SMTP - email protocol
WCTP - two way carrier IP interface protocol
GSM SMS - serial direct cellular device interface protocol
MSG - IP interface protocol
SMPP - Short Message Peer to Peer protocol

Other message transfer protocols may be available on request. v


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i-Page Helpi-Page Help.chm 17.82 MB Image of download button
i-Page PersonalIPagePersonal4Setup.exe 21.43 MB Image of download button
i-Page Server ProfessionalIPageServer4Setup.exe 20.33 MB Image of download button
i-Page Client ProfessionalIPageClient4Setup.exe 19.39 MB Image of download button
i-Page Product Sheeti-Page Brochure NEW.pdf 0.04 MB Image of download button

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