ACU3000 Alarm Concentrator
The ACU3000 Alarm Concentrator is an alarm input monitoring device and remote control unit that monitors up to 12 input lines and communicates the input line state change or sends a ALARM CONCENTRATORpredefined message via ethernet to either a nominated server PC, an i-Page Server , a third party monitoring or logging program or it can send an email. It can also communicate with other ACU3000 units for remote control.
Primarily used as an alarm paging system it can also be used for remote alarm gathering and transmission to other network based systems using standard protocols. ACU3000 units can also be used to remotely control each other by for example the alarm input on one unit activating a relay on a remote unit over an ethernet LAN.
Remote alarm indications can activate a local or remote relay action or can initiate an email message or a short message to either a pager, SMS cellphone or other mobile communications device.
The ACU3000 Alarm Concentrator can be interfaced directly via RS232 to any of the other WiPath Communications wireless data products such as Mobile Data Terminals and Paging Data Terminals.
Each ACU3000 provides 12 individually designated inputs and 4 individually addressable relays and can be daisy chained with additional ACU3000s via RS232 if ethernet ports are in short supply to create a highly flexible remote monitoring & control system capable of providing dozens of programmable inputs and outputs.
The ACU3000 may in some circumstances also be used as a serial to serial RS232 link over an ethernet network.

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