Plinth/Pylon Style LED Signs For Schools

Plinth/Pylon style LED signs are very popular with schools. WiPath is the leading supplier of LED signs for schools and other educational establishments in Australasia with hundreds of schools enjoying the benefits of a changeable message signboard, internal information board, video wall or electronic scoreboard. Our extensive knowledge of the requirements of schools enables us to provide you with a high quality long lasting solution. Our experience of the unique climatic conditions in both Australia and New Zealand ensures you get a solution appropriate for your environment and not an off-the-shelf product that often proves unreliable and inappropriate for local conditions.

Plinth/Pylon Style LED Signs for Schools

WiPath is the leading supplier of LED signage systems to schools in Australia and New Zealand with over 400 electronic LED signs installed since 2007.

Our extensive knowledge of the requirements of schools means we are able to provide you with the most reliable and functional LED signs at the most cost effective price.

Every sign is custom designed to meet the needs of each school with both dynamic and static signage developed in collaboration with the school.

LED signs are a great way of reaching out to your school’s community and keeping the community updated on the progress, news and events of the school.

The plinth/pylon style LED signs are very popular with schools enabling the graphical LED signage to be integrated into a larger branding statement for the school.

led signs for schools
  • Fully Graphic – Can display text or graphics in many formats
  • Full Color  – Virtually can display any colour of Text and Picture
  • Multiple Communication Options  – Ehternet /WiFI, Direct serial cable to PC, Radio Wireless or even 3G mobile network
  • Easy to use Software – Updte information with powerful and user friendly software
  • Sensors – Temperature and Light sensors
  • MultiScreen – Signs can be single sided or Double Sided, giving the opportunity to cover virtually 360 degree view.
  • Vandalism Resistant  – Sign can be fitted with polycarb Perspex to protect it from vandalism

  • Water and rust resistant
  • IP 65 Certified front case and IP 54 certified back case
  • Available in different resolution of 8mm, 10mm, 12.5mm, 16mm, 20mm pitch
  • Viewing area is customised according to customer requirement
  • The sign in above picture is of 800mm X 1800mm viewing area
  • Temperature Sensor – To display real time temperature on the LED screen
  • Light Sensor –To adjust the brightness of the LED screen with changing ambient light.
  • Industrial grade wifi access points for adhoc network.
  • Radio transceivers
  • 3G modem for communication over mobile network

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