WiPath provides high quality electronic digital LED signage and intelligent messaging systems designed specifically for your environment and application.
Whether you are a commercial, educational, healthcare or public sector organisation we have solutions to ensure improved communication within your community and enable you to provide better services and solutions to your own customers and stake holders. Our indoor and outdoor digital LED sign solutions are available in a wide variety of formats and display resolutions and are custom engineered for every customer’s unique requirement.  We have extensive experience in providing  solutions in retail, commercial, school, club, car park and industrial environments.
WiPath also manufactures and supplies critical messaging and mobile data communications solutions which provide reliable and efficient messaging for emergency services, utilities, field service organizations, fleet mobile and transport operators as well as for healthcare, aged care, schools and the military.
WiPath product developments include Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs), Paging Data Terminals (PDTs), Paging Data Receivers (PDRs) and alarm paging systems as well as a wide range of WiFi and wireless enabled LED signage hardware and software solutions which are used worldwide.
Specialised solutions are also available for safety, security, monitoring, machine to machine remote control and for emergency and recreational outdoor activities.


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