SPPSF Store and Forward Transmitter


WiPath manufactures a range of paging system controllers for use in on-site paging systems.

SPPSF Store and Forward Transmitter can be used in hospitals, hotels, factories, supermarkets, restaurants, schools, rest homes, retirement villages, etc.

SPPSF Store and Forward Transmitter

SPPSF Store and Forward Transmitter is a low cost POCSAG paging repeater.

It receives either POCSAG or Flex paging signals from a wide area carrier or local transmitter and retransmits POCSAG locally. It can also act as a link for further transmissions.

SPPSF Store & Forward Transmittger
SPPSF Store and Forward Transmitter

SPPSF Store and Forward Transmitter

SPPSF Applications:

  • Network expansion.
  • In-building coverage expansion.
  • Coverage Infill.
  • Cross band repeater (Flex to POCSAG).
  • Cross frequency repeater.
  • Retransmit all capcodes or just a selection
  • Battery backed real time clock
  • Up to 12 local alarms may be monitored
  • Receivers available for most paging bands
  • Local message input available
  • VHF & UHF Transmitters available
  • Relay control outputs (4)
  • Capcode & message activated
Receiver Synthesised
Frequencies 148-174, 450-470, 929-932 MHz (Other frequencies by request)
Protocols Pocsag & Flex
Channel Spacing 25 KHz
Data Reception Rate 512-2400 bps (Pocsag) 1600/2-6400/4 (Flex)
Frequency Deviation +/- 4,5 KHz
Receiving Sensitivity 5 uV at 1200 bps
Selectivity better than 60 dB
Image Rejection better than 55 dB
Spurious Rejection better than 55 dB
Frequency Stability 10 ppm at -10C~+60C
Transmitter FM/FSK NRZ Synthesised
Power output 5W standard (other available on request)
Power 12-32 V DC/AC (12VDC Nominal)
Current 30mA on standby, 1.2A transmitting
Physical 300 x 230 x 38mm (Excluding connectors and flanges)
Operating Temperature Range -10oC to 70oC
Antennae connectors BNC
Relay ratings 1A @12VDC

SPPSF - Store and Forward Transmitter

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