Paging Data Terminal PDT3000


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Paging Data Terminal PDT3000

PDT3000 Paging Data Terminal is a multi-function vehicle and desktop pager/paging receiver.

PDT3000 is rugged but attractive unit capable of receiving messages and displaying them on a sunlight readable, large graphical LCD display.

The device is designed to be mounted on the dashboard of a vehicle or on a desktop.

PDT3000 Installed In Container Carrier

PDT3000 installed in Container Carrier at South Carolina Ports Authority

Paging Data Terminal Receiver - Pocsag or Flex

PDT3000 – Paging Data Terminal

The PDT3000 has multiple input/output options that enable it to:

  • Print messages directly to a parallel or serial printer,
  • Output messages data via 1 or 2 serial ports,
  • Control relays using capcodes or messages,
  • Accept alarm inputs and retransmit when a transmitter (optional) is connected to it.

Paging Data Terminal PDT3000 may also interface with RCM2000 Relay Control Module for multiple relay control.

Other options include an inbuilt pocsag paging encoder for repeater or rebroadcast applications and other specialized serial data inputs and outputs for control of devices such as LED signs.

A number of connector and case configuration options allows for multiple I/O applications through to weatherproof IP65 installations in hostile environments.

The PDT3000 also offers several mounting option with an optional U bracket or the multi-fit mounting configuration on the back which fits mounting systems from many different suppliers including RAM and Panavise.

PDT3000 Paging Data Terminal
  • Easy to use intuitive user interface
  • Large 8 line x 40 character display (zoomable to 4 x 20)
  • Display area 130 x 40 mm (Approx 5 x 1.5 in.)
  • 40 x message memory
  • 10 x locked message memory
  • Delete-One and Delete-All functions
  • Print message function (1 button)
  • Individual Cap Code Printing (Programmable function)
  • Programmable data outputs
  • Time and date display
  • Pocsag encoder output
  • Alarm inputs
  • Time and date stamping of messages
  • LED Backlight brightness adjustment
  • Display contrast adjustment
  • Receivers available for most paging bands (VHF, UHF, 900MHz)
  • Battery backed real time clock
  • Pocsag and Flex versions available
  • Power supply 12-32 volt DC
  • 2000+ CAP codes (pocsag)
  • Wall, vehicle or desktop mountable
  • Physical 214 x 70 x 45mm (excl. bracket)
  • Multiple mounting options
  • User settable display and alerting functions
  • Ruggedised enclosure
  • Multiple connector configuration
  • IP65 option
Display Transflective sunlight readable graphical 240×64 display
(optional heated display for extreme cold available also)
Display size  130 x 40mm (Approx 5 x 1.5in)
Protocols Available in Pocsag and Flex
Outputs (opt) 1 parallel port, 2 serial ports, 4 Relays, 12 alarm inputs
Message memory 40 standard, 10 locked, 10 maildrop messages
Receiver Synthesized FM/FSK
Frequencies 134-139, 148-174, 408-412, 450-470, 929-932 MHz
Channel Spacing 25 KHz (12.5kHz optional)
Data rate  512-2400 pocsag, 1600/2 -6400/4 Flex
Freq. Deviation +/- 4,5 KHz
Rx Sensitivity 5 uV at 1200 bps
Selectivity better than 60 dB
Image Rejection better than 55 dB
Spurious Rejection  better than 55 dB
Frequency Stability 10 ppm at -10C~+60C
Antenna 50 Ohm BNC (VHF & UHF), SMA (900MHz)
Power 10-32VDC (12VDC nominal)
Current Typical 30mA in standby, 300mA max
Physical 230 x 94 x 56 mm (~9 x 3.5 x 2in) (excl. bracket)
Operating Temp. -10 -+70degC (-40 – +70degC version available)
Relays Rated 1A @ 12VDC
General RSSI level indication
On board real time clock with back up battery
Up to 12 alarm inputs
Pocsag data encoder
Transmitter control output – PTT and data

The output configuration is dependent on the product version selected. The following outputs are optionally available:

  • Parallel printer output (centronix)
  • 2 Serial data input/output
  • 4 Relay outputs
  • 12 Alarm inputs
  • Modem control
  • Pocsag encoder output
  • Transmitter control (PTT)
  • TNPP encoding and decoding
  • Relay Control Module outputs (27 relays per module – external)

PDT3000 - Paging Data Terminals

Title Version Description Size Download
PDT3P User Guide 3000 Paging Data Terminal 3000 Programming (PDT3P)
software is used to set up configurations for
Paging Data Terminal 3000 (PDT3000), Paging Data Receiver (PDR3000) and
Paging Serial Receiver 3000 (PSR3000).
473.11 kb Download Preview
PDT3000 Product Sheet 3000 Paging Data Terminal PDT3000 general description,
applications, features, specifications,
options and accessories.
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