About Us

WiPath Communications is a specialised developer & manufacturer of innovative electronic critical messaging equipment including wireless messaging and paging products that are marketed globally and LED signage solutions sold primarily in Australia, New Zealand and North America.
The company commenced business in 1993 and now has operations in four countries: Australia, New Zealand, USA and China with independant distributors or dealers in several other countries.
Initially a service company specialising in the service of paging product the company rapidly expanded to be come a developer and manufacturer of world leading wireless solutions in the critical messaging space. Our major markets are emergency services, healthcare institutions, utility operators, educational establishments, retail, commercial and fleet management operations around the world.
Early on we started integrating our wireless communications equipment with LED signage and eventually we started a division specialising in the supply of a wide range of LED signage solutions. WiPath now maintains its operations in the original four countries whilst continuing to provide products around the world.
LED Signage has become the largest part of the company’s operations in Australia and New Zealand whilst our wireless products are the majority of our business internationally.
Our China operation enables us to both manufacture and source products in the world’s largest manufacturing centre whilst maintaining a quality assurance presence alongside our contract suppliers.

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