Variable Message Signs


WiPath is a leading manufacturer and supplier of electronic LED signage systems with operations in Australia, New Zealand, the USA and China.

WiPath Variable Message Signs are offered in a single or full colour. They can display any message, picture or video.

Trailer mounted Variable Message Signs (VMS)

  • Active, highly visible and flexible way to communicate messages to road users
  • Portable – relocation to any site is quick and easy
  • Solar powered LED signs
  • Messages can be changed locally and remotely with easy to use control software

Trailer mounted variable message signs are used for:

  • Advertising
  • Announcing upcoming events
  • Traffic control management
  • Emergency communications
  • Informing on traffic conditions
  • WiPath has supplied well over 3000 digital electronic LED signs since 1993.
  • With over 25 years experience we understand electronic LED signage better than anyone else.
  • Every variable message LED sign is customised for the customer and their environment
  • We offer superior technology, service and quality in our electronic signage.
  • We have dealers nationwide and we are able to organise a full range of services.
Mounted Variable Message Signs

WiPath supplies a wide range of customised variable message signs (VMS).

Trailer mounted digital LED signs provide greater flexibility in deployment.

WiPath offers variable message signs  in a variety of single colour and full colour combinations.

Any display can be scheduled daily, weekly or monthly.

A huge range of different sizes are available.


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