US RV Travel Consultancy

Have you thought about, or are you planning on, travelling the US and Canada in an RV?
Nine years ago my wife and I decided that before we got too old to enjoy it we would buy an RV and spend several months each year travelling the USA and Canada. Eight years on and so far we have travelled over 60,000 miles, camped in 45 US states and 5 Canadian Provinces and have still only seen a small fraction of this huge RVing mecca.RV Travel Consultancy
I am back in New Zealand and Australia each year over the Southern summer and with the extensive experience I have built up over this time I am now providing a consulting service to people who would like to do something similar.
I am not selling RVs and whilst we do have a business selling specialised RVing equipment in the US, Australia and NZ ( and this consulting service is a separate service, offering personal advice and information only, on a fee basis.
It has become clear to me as we travel that we have built up more experience and knowledge than most Americans who have been RVing for 30 years or more. We have been through the hoops involved with buying and registering a vehicle as a foreigner and we are now on our second RV. Apart from all our travelling I have also done extensive modifications to both RVs to make them more liveable, reliable and suitable for living in for at least 6 months a year. With all this knowledge I can help you save thousands of dollars if you are thinking of doing a similar thing..
Such advice and information can cover things like:
Choosing the right RV for you
Buying or renting
How and where to buy an RV
Driving in North America
Trip planning
Campgrounds and memberships
Travel tips
If you are interested in obtaining additional information on this service please contact me directly.
Craig Meldrum

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