Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems

Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems are designed to monitor the air pressures and temperatures inside the tyres of your vehicles and trailers providing alarms if limits are exceeded. They are suitable for car, truck, semi-trailer, RV, motor home, caravan, trailer and fifth wheel use. Our system will signal you with an alarm in up to 8 different anomalous conditions including fast and slow leakage, pressure loss and high pressure or high temperature situations.  This will often provide early warning of problems occurring with tyres which are the most important safety system on any vehicle. The driver gets both visual and audible warnings on the dash display unit indicating the tire problem while driving usually allowing time to pull over and deal with problem.

To purchase TPMS systems visit our e-commerce sites:

In Australia/New Zealand:  https://www.innotechrv.com.au

In North America and Worldwide:  https://www.innotechrv.com

InnoTechRV products | tire pressure monitoring systems
  • Monitor from 4 to 22 wheels
  • Easy to install, easy to use
  • Monitors and transmits even when stopped or parked
  • Visual & Audible Pressure loss warnings
  • Pressure Range 0-232 psi
  • World’s smallest external sensors
  • High Accuracy
  • Low pressure and high pressure alarms
  • Leak alarm generates up to 5 times more response than other systems
  • Temperature alarm if tyre temperature rises above 149f/65c
  • Dual pressure settings for on road/off road or multiple trailers
  • Trailer disconnect function
  • Instant readings reset function
  • Improved sensor locking system
  • User replacable CR1632 batteries (minimum 1 year life expectancy)
  • Three year recreational use warranty (1 year commercial)
Pressure Range 0-232 psi
Temperature Alarm Above 149f/65c
Batteries (1 year life expectancy) CR1632 (Replacable)
  • TPMS Monitor with window mounting cradle
  • Screw on pressure/temperature transmitters/sensors and batteries
  • 12/24v car charger
  • Anti-theft locks with hex wrench
  • Additional sensors, booster/repeater (optional)

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