Paging Data Receiver PDR3000


WiPath designs and manufactures a range of innovative and unique paging products for wide area and onsite paging.

Paging Data Receiver PDR3000

The PDR3000 Paging Data Receiver is a multi-function paging data receiver/off air decoder/pager. It can receive paged messages and process them in a variety of ways.

Paging Data Receiver can be used for:

  • Message Monitoring & Printing
  • Broadcast Services
  • Paging Infill and Rebroadcast
  • Data Transfer
  • LED Sign Control
  • Remote switching
  • NurseCall
  • Plant Monitoring/Control
PDR3000 - Paging Data Receiver
PDR3000 Paging Serial Data Receiver

PDR3000 – Paging Data Receiver

  • Prints messages directly to a parallel or serial printer
  • Outputs the message data via two serial ports in a number of different formats and protocols.
  • Can be fitted with up to four relay control outputs internally
  • Can interface with the RCM3000 Relay Control Module for multiple relay control.
  • Inbuilt search and replace text facility for manipulating the incoming messages.

Other options include an inbuilt pocsag paging encoder for repeater or rebroadcast applications and other specialised serial data inputs and outputs for control of devices such as LED signs.

WiPath has developed a wide range of applications that use the considerable functionality of the PDR3000.

  • Text search and replace
  • Relay control by message or individually by capcode
  • Output to Relay Control Modules (32 relays ea.)
  • Custom software design for message data manipulation and control available on request
  • TNPP encoding and decoding
  • Inbuilt pocsag encoder
  • Time and date stamping of messages
  • Receivers available for most paging bands (VHF, UHF, 900MHz)
  • Pocsag and Flex™ versions available
  • Parallel printer output (centronix)
  • Serial data port (2 optional)
  • Relay outputs switching 12V 1A (1-4 relays optional)
  • External antenna on BNC connector
  • Power requirements 12 volt DC
  • Very large number of cap codes (>2000)
  • Physical (provisional) 220 x 70 x 30mm
  • Battery backed real time clock
Protocols Available in Pocsag and Flex
Outputs (opt) 1 parallel port, 2 serial ports, 4 Relays, 12 alarm inputs
Message memory 40 standard, 10 locked, 10 maildrop messages
Receiver Synthesized FM/FSK
Frequencies 134-139, 148-174, 408-412, 450-470, 929-932 MHz
Channel Spacing 25 KHz (12.5kHz optional)
Data rate  512-2400 pocsag, 1600/2 -6400/4 Flex
Freq. Deviation +/- 4,5 KHz
Rx Sensitivity 5 uV at 1200 bps
Selectivity better than 60 dB
Image Rejection better than 55 dB
Spurious Rejection  better than 55 dB
Frequency Stability 10 ppm at -10C~+60C
Antenna 50 Ohm BNC (VHF & UHF), SMA (900MHz)
Power 10-32VDC (12VDC nominal)
Current Typical 30mA in standby, 300mA max
Physical 230 x 94 x 56 mm (~9 x 3.5 x 2in) (excl. bracket)
Operating Temp. -10 -+70degC (-40 – +70degC version available)
Relays Rated 1A @ 12VDC
General RSSI level indication
On board real time clock with back up battery
Up to 12 alarm inputs
Pocsag data encoder
Transmitter control output – PTT and data
PDRACM Alarm connector module. Allows external alarm inputs to be connected to the PDR3000 or PDT3000 via the DB25 (printer) port.
TTV Text to Voice Interface Module
PDT3P Programming Kit for PDR3000

PDR3000 - Paging Data Receiver

Title Version Description Size Download
PDT3P User Guide 3000 Paging Data Terminal 3000 Programming (PDT3P)
software is used to set up configurations for
Paging Data Terminal 3000 (PDT3000), Paging Data Receiver (PDR3000) and
Paging Serial Receiver 3000 (PSR3000).
473.11 kb Download Preview
PDR3000 Product Sheet 3000 Paging Data Receiver PDR3000 general description,
applications, features, specifications,
options and accessories.
219.73 kb Download Preview

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