Waterproof Pager AL-A07

Apollo AL-A07 Waterproof Pager

The Apollo AL-A07 waterproof pager may be used in restaurants, bistros, takeaways, food courts, coffee shops, bars, medical facilities or any other environment with a queuing system.

  • Provides more efficient service to your customers
  • Reduces staff costs  (Staff do not have to chase customers)
  • Increases staff productivity  (Staff have more time to serve new customers)
  • Simple operation  (1 minute training required)
  • Easy installation  (Plug in and go)
  • Time Saving  (No longer have to search for customers, they’ll come to you)
  • Large coverage area
ALA07 Black Waterproof Pager
AL-A07 Waterproof Pager
  • Used to advise guests when their order/meal/table is ready.
  • The ALA02 restaurant pager beeps, vibrates and flashes when it receives a page.
  • A Large area for an advertisment or instructions on the front of the pager.
  • Waterproof and shatterproof (IP67 approval).
  • LCD display (00 – 899 digits).
  • Any of the desktop or handheld transmitters form the WiPath restaurant paging system suite may be used to activate coaster pagers.

A07 Charger

  • Recharges the pagers whenever they are put into the charging slot.
  • One charger can charge up to 15 pagers.
AL-A07 Charger
  • Tone / Vibration / Flash (Dual Colour LED) pagers
  • IP67 approval
  • LCD Dispaly (00 – 899 digits) with blue backlight
  • Large area for advertising or instructions on the front (45 x 107 mm)
  • PC Programmable
  • Highly recommend for use with Desktop transmitters TE-300 / TE-310 / TE-205N
  • Over the air disable possible
  • 4 addresses (with four functions per address)
  • Programmable Alert type
  • Two LED (Heartbeat, Alert, Out of range, Low battery)
  • Ni-MH Rechargeable battery
  • Frequency 430~470 Mhz
  • Paging Sensitivity 1200bps — 7µV/M
  • Bit Rate 1200 bps for POCSAG
  • Channel Spacing 12.5 Khz / 25Khz
  • Code Format POCSAG
  • Spurious Rejection 40db below carrier
  • Alert Tone Loudness 78db @ 10 cm
  • Capcodes 4 Capcodes for POCSAG
  • Dimensions (mm) 135 (L) x 63 (W) x 18 (H)
  • Weight (with battery) Approximately: 127 g

Apollo ALA07 Waterproof Pager

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