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Interceptor is a combined hardware and software  system used to log message traffic over Pocsag or Flex paging networks directly to a PC or computer network.

The hardware is a four channel receiver unit and the software is available in single PC or networked client/server versions.

Interceptor Paging Message Receiver 4 Channel


  • 4 channel receiver unit
  • Monitors up to 4 paging frequencies within up to 4 pre-selected frequency bands
  • Pocsag and Flex can be monitored on separate channels
  • Windows based application can be a standalone or a networked  client/server version
  • The program has a powerfull filtering and reporting tool
  • The application also has Watchdog Alarms for all four channels to detect failure of the network or transmitter
  • It can also monitor a traffic frequency for predefined capcodes


The received messages can be filtered by:

  • Capcode
  • Message Text
  • Capcode and Message Text

Capcode Filter

  • Specified capcode
  • Capcode range
  • Capcodes greater or less then the specified capcode

Message Text

  • Specified word
  • Group of words in any order
  • Group of words in a specified order (phrase)

Filtering by the message text can be defined as case sensitive or insensitive and as a search for whole words or partial word matches.

Capcode and Message Text

  • Messages that match both capcode and text criteria
  • Messages that match capcode or text or both
  • Messages that match either capcode or text but not both

An unlimited number of search filters can be set up.

Interceptor Software

Upon a filter hit, each filter can be set to:

  • Display the message text in a different way (different background and text colour),
  • Raise a visual and audible alert,
  • Send a user defined page, email or SMS message to an unlimited number of pagers/email addresses/mobiles.


The Interceptor software includes an easy to use reporting engine. The user can develop customized reports on stored messages.

The report can be created for any time interval. The user can further refine it by setting different filtering criteria.

Each report can be stored as a report template and re-used many times.

The results of each report query can be displayed on screen and saved as a .CSV file which can be opened and analysed in a spreadsheet program.

The user can also set the program to run reports automatically at certain time intervals (days or hours) and send the results as attached .CSV files by email to an unlimited number of email addresses.

Watchdog Alarms

Multiple Watchdog Alarms can be set up for every channel.

These alarms monitor the watchdog messages sent out on most paging networks, to detect failure of the network or transmitter. Watchdog messages are generally sent on a regular interval to a specific capcode.

On detection of a watchdog failure, audible and visual alarms can be raised as well as messages sent to pagers and email addresses.

LogPage/Interceptor Reports

Interceptor Report Window

  • 4 channel receiver unit, monitoring 4 paging frequencies within 4 pre-selected frequency bands
  • Pocsag and Flex can be monitored on the same time on different channels
  • Supported by Windows based application: standalone or client/server
  • Message filtering by capcode, message text and combined (capcode and text)
  • Reports and auto reports created for any (user defined) time interval and can be further refined by filtering
  • Reports can be displayed, saved and/or automatically send as an attachment to any number of email addresses
  • Inbuilt Watchdog Alarms for all four channels to detect failure of the network or transmitter
  • Filter hits and Watchdog alarms can rise audible and visible alerts and send, user defined messages, to any number pagers, email addresses or mobile phones.

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