Electronic Billboards

Electronic Billboards Advertising and Message Display

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The use of LED signs as electronic billboards for advertising and message display is on the rise.

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The replacement of old style billboards with electronic billboards makes it easy to change the advertising message.

  • Upload and update advertisements from the comfort of your office
  • No need to visit the billboard site 
  • No need for any type of labour to put up new messages
  • No need for the use of high reach machinery
  • No need for new prints

Digital electronic LED signs are brighter than other form of signage. That increases their visibility and makes them stand out amongst other static messages. Because of their super high brightness LED signs can be read in any lighting condition day or night.

Changing to this flexible, durable and low maintenance technology allows:

  • Businesses –  to reach a wider customer base.
  • Schools, Clubs and Community groups – to better manage communication with their local communities.


Messages can be changed remotely over wired or wireless internet links including cellular modem.

Electronic billboards can store a very large number of different messages. Displaying more advertisments allows you to recover the cost of the billboard in a shorter space of time.

Easy to use control software allows for the display of video, text or images in most standard formats.

Huge range of message schedules enables different messages or pictures to be displayed when you want them.

The signs can also be split into several different windows allowing static messaging alongside images, video, time/date and temperature displays. 

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