WiPath is able to supply a wide variety of specialized LED signage solutions including: Shop window video displays Video walls Message centers Advertising signs School signs Carpark signs Fuel price signs Nursecall signs Indoor and outdoor scoreboards LED Clocks including multiple time zones Foreign exchange banners and rate boards Meal ready signs and many more…. Talk to us about your requirements.
electronic scoreboards | LED Signage

Electronic Scoreboards

WiPath supplies a range of indoor or outdoor electronic scoreboards specially designed for each requirement and sport. Our scoreboards are available in a variety of styles and layouts and can be custom designed to your specific requirements.
Led signage | LED Posters

Transparent Window LED Posters

Transparent window signs present a highly visible and dynamic graphic LED display for retail window advertising while at the same time allowing up to 80% of normal daylight into the store. Ideal for replacing static advertising posters.

Custom Shaped Signs & Displays

With current LED technology a huge range of specialised shapes and custom built displays can be fashioned to best display your product or service.
Transparent Window Sign Landrover
Large format transparent window displays can be built in any size to provide super high brightness, dynamic, graphic and video content in your shop front while allowing full viewing through into the showroom and external light to enter.
variable LED Signs
WiPath is able to supply a wide range of customised trailer mounted variable message (VMS) LED signs for advertising, traffic management or emergency communications in a variety of single, dual or full colour combinations and a range of sizes.

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