Indoor LED Signs

WiPath supplies a wide variety of indoor LED signs that are used for alerting, information display, advertising or for some specialised applications such as nursecall.

They include:

Moving message displays with integrated paging receivers
Video walls
Transparent window displays and posters

All types of indoor LED signs are available in a range of different sizes.

Indoor LED Signs - DA510
Alphanumeric Indoor LED Sign
Moving message text displays | LED Signs

Paging Controlled Indoor LED Signs

WiPath produces a range of Indoor LED signs with integrated intelligent paging receivers. They can be deployed anywhere on a local area or wide area paging network.

These indoor LED signs are used for a wide variety of messaging and information purposes such as alerting and information display.

They are available in a huge range of sizes from single line to multi-line and lengths from a few centimetres to many metres.

Transparent Window LED Signs

Transparent window indoor LED signs present a highly visible and dynamic graphic LED display for retail window advertising. They provide dynamic graphic LED displays in your shop front while allowing external light to enter the store.

Transparent LED displays can be be built in any size with high brightness to present your customers with dynamic, graphic and video content.

Transparent LED Window Sign Landrover
Large Video Wall

Video Walls

WiPath supplies Video Wall solutions in a wide range of pitch sizes (resolutions) for both indoor and outdoor environments.

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