Commercial LED Signs


The use of LED signs for advertising and message display in a commercial environment is on the rise.

Digital electronic signs make your message highly visible.

Businesses can increase their visibility hugely by using LED signs which stand out among the myriad of static signage that stretches down most commercial business strips.  Digital LED signs enable you to to regularly and rapidly change your street message allowing you to continuously promote your business and manage your communication with your local community and passing traffic.

  • Every commercial LED sign is designed specifically for your business and your local environment.
  • With over 25 years experience we understand electronic LED signage better than anyone else.
  • WiPath has supplied well over 3000 digital LED signs since 1993.
  • We offer superior knowledge, technology, service and quality in our electronic signage.
  • WiPath is a major wholesale supplier of electronic LED signage to the signwriting industry.

LED signs are the most versatile form of electronic signage. They can be built in almost any shape and size.

Because of their super high brightness they can be read in any lighting condition day or night. Outdoor LED signs are brighter than other form of signage increasing its visibility and making it stand out among a sea of static messages.

Commercial LED Signs

Commercial  LED signs are often used for:

  • Advertising
  • Direction or way finding
  • Welcome boards
  • Foreign exchange displays
  • Multiple time zone displays

LED displays can be split into several different sections allowing static messaging alongside images, video, time/date and temperature displays.

Commercial LED Signs
Wilson parking LED Signage

Easy to use control software allows for the display of video, text or images in most standard formats.

A huge range of message schedules enables different messages or pictures to be automatically displayed when you want them.

Centralised management software and wired and wireless networks allow multiple signs to managed anywhere in the country or around the world from a central point.

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