WiPath pager offer includes:

  • WiPath is the largest distributor of pagers in Australasia.
  • We supply a range of quality pagers and paging systems for the New Zealand and Australian markets.
  • WiPath offers a range of paging solutions for wide area and onsite paging.
  • Specialised solutions are available for emergency services, healthcare facilities, hospitals and nursing homes, restaurants, bars and clubs, factories and office complexes.
  • Our customers included fire departments, hospitals, medical facilities, aged care facilities, military bases and factories.
Alphanumeric Pagers
Apollo 924 Pager

Apollo AL/AF-924

  • Compact, mini sized alphanumeric pager.
  • Synthesised Pocsag & Crystalled Flex Alphanumeric Pagers.
  • Three button operation with one way navigation.
  • Four line (zoomable to 2 line) display.
  • Ideal for users who want a smaller, more discreet pager.

Apollo AL-29

  • Ruggedised, fully sized POCSAG alphanumeric pager.
  • Easy to use with six button operation.
  • The pager is dust and water resistant.
  • Large four  line display.
  • Ideal for use in high maintenance situations.
A29 Pager
A25 Pager and Holster

Apollo AL/AF-25

  • Fully sized alphanumeric pager.
  • Available in POCSAG and Flex.
  • Four line zoomable to two line (larger characters) display.
  • Four button operation with two way scrolling.
  • Ideal for users who want a robust pager with easy operation and very good readability.

Apollo AL-A01

  • POCSAG numeric and tone pager
  • 12 digit display per page.
  • Two button operation.
  • Slide switch to select vibrations, beep or off position.
  • Ideal for users who want a robust numeric or tone pager.
A01 Numeric Pager
Restaurant Paging System

Restaurant Pagers

Include: Paddle Pagers, Coaster Pagers, Waiter Call Pagers , Table Call Buttons, WL Pager Controlled Signs and a range of desktop and handheld transmitters.

WiPath Restaurant Paging Systems allow you to:

  • Provide more efficient service,
  • Increase customer satisfaction,
  • Reduce staff cost,
  • Increase productivity.

WiPath Restaurant Paging Systems are available for meal ready and waiter call applications.

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