WiPath Communications is the largest distributor of pagers in Australasia and is able to supply a range of quality pagers and paging systems for the New Zealand and Australian markets. Our customers included fire departments, hospitals, medical facilities, aged care facilities, military bases and factories.
Apollo ALA25
Full sized hand programmable 4 line alphanumeric pagers with zoom function (zooms display to 2 lines large characters) and 4 button operation. Available in pocsag and Flex.
Apollo ALA29 Ruggedised
Apollo ALA29 Apollo Platinum XP ruggedised IP54 rated pocsag alphanumeric pager
Apollo AL924
Synthesised Pocsag & Crystalled Flex Alphanumeric Pagers Compact, 3 button operation with one way scrolling Ideal for users who want a smaller, more discreet pager

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