WiText Messaging Client


WiText – Messaging Client

WiText is a two way text messaging client used to send and receive simple text messages to and from mobile data terminals (MDTs) connected to the Wireless Data Network (WDN) Gatekeeper server.

WiText can operate as a standalone application or can be integrated into third party applications to provide a simple messaging capability from within those systems. The types of applications that WiPath has been used:

  • Dispatch Systems,
  • Automatic Vehicle Location Systems and
  • Job Management Systems

To enable third party software developers to integrate WiText seamlessly into their applications, developers notes, with examples in several programming languages, are included with the Help file .

WiText Messaging Client
WiText Sending Messages

WiText Features

WiText permanently stores all messages in a file. The user can choose to delete a particular message (or all messages) from the file or set the system to automatically delete messages older then the user selected number of days.

WiText also displays messages in different views, distinguishing between inbox and outbox messages.

It also allows the user to set different colours for different message statuses (e.g. ‘sent’, ‘acknowledged’, ‘failed’).

To speed up message sending, WiText allows the user to set information about contacts in advance.

The user can also divide contacts into different groups and send the message to the whole group at once.

WiText can be used as a standalone application for sending, receiving and storing messages between the user and mobile data terminals.

WiText is also designed as a server that can be used and controlled by another application.

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