WiPath Communications manufactures a range of innovative and unique paging products including paging data receivers (PDR3000), large display paging terminals (PDT3000) and specialist encoding and decoding products (SitePage).
PDT3000 – Paging Data Terminal
Paging Data Terminal The PDT3000 Paging Data Terminal is a multi-function paging device capable of receiving messages and displaying them on a large (130 x 40mm) graphical LCD display. It also has all of the capability of the PDR3000
paging data reciever
PDR3000 – Paging Data Receiver
The PDR3000 Paging Data Receiver is a multi-function paging receiver (off-air decoder) capable of receiving paged messages and processing them in a variety of ways. It is able to print messages direct to a parallel printer or output the message data via a serial port. The PDR3000 also has the ability to provide up to four control outputs by way of relays. Internal outputs include pocsag encoder, TNPP encoder etc.
paging data receiver
RCM3000 – Relay Control Module
The RCM3000 provides 27 individually addressable relays including 2 mains relays. The relays are able to be controlled by any of the paging or wireless data products such as PDT3000 and PDR3000 or from a PC and can be daisy chained with additional RCM3000s via RS232 to create a highly flexible remote control system capable of providing 100’s of outputs.
relay control module
SPPSF Store & Forward Transmitter
The SPPSF may be used as a pocsag store & forwward repeater or as cross band or cross protocol (Flex to pocsag) repeater.
ACU3000 Alarm Concentrator
The ACU3000 provides 12 optically isolated inputs and 4 relay outputs for integration with paging system software or with other third party systems to provide indication of alarm events, control other remote events or send predefined messages via an ethernet LAN to pagers or email.
Custom Paging Solutions
WiPath specializes in the development & manufacture of innovative and unique paging solutions including the paging data receivers (PDR) large display paging terminals (PDT3000) and specialist encoding and decoding products as seen above. We can also develop unique solutions according to your own requirements. Please contact us with any paging requirements you have.
Interceptor – Message Loging & Filtering SW
A powerful and easy to use reporting engine is included in the Interceptor software to enable the user to develop customized reports of message traffic based on the stored message database. The user can set multiple criteria for each report in a similar manner to the filtering criteria. Each report can be stored as a report template and re-used many times. The results of each report query may be displayed on screen and can be saved as a .CSV file which can be opened and analysed in a spreadsheet program. The user can also set the program to run reports automatically at certain time intervals (days or hours) and send the results as attached .CSV files by email to an unlimited number of email addresses.
paging data receiver

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