Mobile Data Terminal WDT3000


Mobile Data Terminal WDT3000

WDT 3000 is ruggedized, general purpose Mobile Data Terminal (MDT). It is designed for ease of use by a vehicle-based or field operator.

With powerful on board processing capabilities the WDT3000 Mobile Data Terminal may be configured for many different forms of mobile data dispatch and field job management requirements.

The user interface is highly flexible and dynamically configurable and it may be customized for individual applications.

The WDT3000 Mobile Data Terminal includes a full qwerty keypad for easy and rapid message input.

Eight soft menu keys are provided and the menus change with each screen.

Mobile Data Terminal
Mobile Data Terminal WDT3000

WDT3000 Features

The WDT3000 Mobile Data Terminal can be connected to a trunked or conventional 2-way radio and to a variety of other wireless data devices such as satellite or digital cellular transceivers (GPRS/CDMA etc).

The standard model provides two serial data ports for connection to a GPS receiver, printer, barcode reader etc. The optional IO Expander enables the device to connect to multiple peripheral devices

Options are also available for internal GPS and cellular transceivers.

The WDT3000 Mobile Data Terminal has a highly configurable job management interface which supports job dispatch, job return data, free form text messaging, GPS location acquisition and status reporting.

Multiple screen layouts, job formats, status stacks and return data formats may be programmed into each unit and configured ‘over-the-air’.

The on-board GPS management capability includes the ability to separately set location acquisition and data transmission criteria by: time or distance, stopped and moving events and external triggers (ignition on/off, emergency button etc.).

It is also has an internal geo-fencing capability.

  • Ruggedized Aluminum/ABS case
  • Removable from cradle
  • Large 240 x 64 graphical sunlight readable display
  • Multiple Job screen formats
  • Backlight brightness and contrast user changeable
  • Standard Job Management interface available
  • Programmable and Customisable User Interface
  • Over-The-Air configurability
  • Geofencing built in
  • GPS Acquisition and transmission separately configurable
  • On-site auto Job Location reporting
  • Auto zone reporting
  • Hierachical Status Tree
  • Multiple Status Stacks
  • Automatic status updating
  • Automatic event triggering
  • Time and date stamping of jobs and messages
  • Time and date display on main screen
  • On screen programming of user functions available
  • Up to 60 jobs and messages may be stored in memory (expandable)
  • Compatible with trunked and conventional 2 way radio
  • Compatible with CDMA/GPRS and Satellite packet switched modems
Physical (Excl bracket) 8″ x 5.75″ x 1.35″ (Without cradle)
Operating Voltage 12 – 24V DC
Nominal Voltage 12V
Power Usage (Average) 1.75W (ie, 150mA @ 12V)
Internal Modem 1200/2400 baud MSK modem
Real Time Clock Battery backed Y2K compliant real time clock
GPS Ready On board GPS processing capability incl. geofencing
Processor Mitsubishi M16 (16MHz)
Non Volatile RAM 256Kb (Expandable to 512Kb)
Volatile RAM 20Kb
Flash memory 256Kb (64Kb set aside for static config. data)
Type Transflective (sunlight readable) Graphical LCD
Resolution 240 x 64 pixels
Backlight LED
Viewing Area 5.25″ x 1.5″
Configurability Variable contrast and backlight brightness
Input and Output
Comms Interface Port TTL or RS232 level (invertible) rx & tx serial data
Peripheral Serial Port RS232 level input or output (Conditional)
Audio Interface Modem rx and tx audio, output PTT
Interface Connectors 14 Pin Plug/Socket with curly cable
MDTBOB Breakout box (up to 2 x serial ports, power, wireless device I/F, regulated 5V for GPS or other)
MDTEXP I/O Expander (5 serial, 1 parallel, Digital I/O)
MDTCR Cradle with various mounting options

WDT3000 - Mobile Data Terminal

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