Electronic Scoreboards

WiPath supplies a range of indoor or outdoor electronic scoreboards specially designed for the unique requirements of each sport.

Our electronic sports scoreboards are available in a variety of styles and layouts. 

Scoreboards can be custom designed to meet your requirements for: sport, size, indoor or outdoor, portability, control method, static signage, power requirements etc.

We can also supply shot clocks, play clocks and pitch clocks.

  • WiPath has supplied well over 3000 digital electronic LED signs since 1993.
  • We offer superior technology, service and quality in our electronic signage.
  • With over 25 years experience we understand electronic LED signage better than anyone else .
  • Every digital electronic led sign is designed specifically for the customer and their environment.
  • WiPath is a major wholesale supplier of digital electronic LED signage to the signwriting industry.

Standard Electronic Scoreboards

Standard configuration electronic scoreboards are available for a wide variety of sports including:

  • Rugby Union and League scoreboards
  • Soccer or football scoreboards
  • Cricket scoreboards
  • Baseball and softball scoreboards
  • Basketball scoreboards
  • Water Polo scoreboards

Rugby & Cricket Electronic Scoreboards

Cricket Electronic Scoreboards

WiPath Scoreboards Offer Details:

WiPath offers several options for upgrading rugby and cricket scoreboards:

  • Simple addition of appropriate score and time clock modules to existing static rugby/cricket scoreboards
  • Complete replacement of rugby/cricket scoreboard structures
  • Installation of full matrix, video capable, stadium style scoreboard/video replay screens.

WiPath is ready to work with your club to fit solution to your budget. We are also prepared to incorporate any resource capability the club is able to provide that might minimise your cost.

Supply of basic scoreboard components

  • individual digital segments,
  • power supplies and control circuits,
  • wireless scoreboard controllers

Requires: Assembly, wiring and mounting on new static signage structures.

 Supply of standard, stand alone, pre-assembled scoreboards

  • 2 or 3 digit score modules 
  • time clocks
  • dynamic team name modules (optional),
  • wireless controller

Requires: mounting and the provision of power. Solar power options available.

Supply of assembled scoreboard modules

  • individual 2 or 3 digit score modules,
  • time clock modules
  • video team name modules
  • wireless controller

Each module is fully assembled in individual enclosure.
Requires: Mounting and provision of power.

Electronic Scoreboards - Wireless Portable Controllers

Wireless Portable Controllers

Electronic Scoreboards - Rugby

Time Clock, Dynamic Team Name Modules, Two Digit Score Modules

Supply and installation of custom designed scoreboards

  • individual 2 or 3 digit score modules,
  • time clock modules,
  • video team name modules,
  • wireless controller,
  • static signage for club names, logos and sponsors,
  • mounting on existing or new structures.

Aspects of the construction and installation may be supplied from within club resources as available.

Supply of full matrix type, dynamic software controlled scoreboards

The entire electronic scoreboard is an LED matrix (similar to commercial advertising and school signs).

The scoreboard can be used for a variety of purposes: multi-sport scoreboard, advertising and club notices.

Larger scale specialised scoreboards

Such scareboards may incorporate fully dynamic graphical capability, video replay etc.

Rugby Electronic Scoreboards
Cricket Electronic Scoreboard - Westalke Boys

Basketball Electronic Scoreboards

WiPath is able to supply standard basketball scoreboards and basketball shot clocks.

Shot Clock

Shot Clock

They are remotely controlled with a wireless controller and very easy to use.

Basketball Electronic Scoreboards

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