RCM3000 – Relay Control Module
The RCM3000 is a relay control module able to be controlled by any of our paging or wireless data products such as the PDT3000, PDR3000 or WDT3000. It may also be driven directly from a PC or other serial output device using a simple command protocol. The interface with the controller is RS232.
The RCM3000 has 27 individually addressable relays including 2 mains relays and can be daisy chained with additional RCM3000s using RS232 to create a highly flexible remote control system capable of providing literally hundreds of outputs.
The RCM3000 is also available optionally with an onboard paging receiver or may be interfaced directly to a cellular modem.
There are a number of ways of addressing the individual relays including a standard message protocol, by capcode or by a user selectable message text string.
relay control module
  • Relays controlled by simple serial protocol
  • Multiple boards may be daisy chained
  • High and low voltage relays
  • Interfaces directly with WiPath Paging Data Receivers
No. Relay Outputs per board 27
Relay Load Capacity 3A @ 250Vac/30Vdc (25), 7A @110/240VAC (2)
Serial Ports 2 (RJ45 – 3 pins used)
Relay Connector Screw connectors
Serial Connectors RJ45
Power 12Vdc
Current 50-100mA plus 16-20mA per activated relay. 800mA max.
Dimensions 194x147x35mm (approx7.5”x6”x1.25”)

Daisy Chain Serial Cable

RCM3000- Relay Control Module

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