WiPath Communications has developed a range of emergency alerting and specialised call systems and solutions for wide area, in-house and on campus requirements. These range from personnel transportation call systems for ports to campus warning  systems  and emergency services station alerting systems.
Emergency Alerting Systems
Our EAS solutions are custom designed using a variety of communications technologies and message and audio alerting devices depending on the threats, environment and coverage requirements of each individual situation.  These include wireless signage, wireless data interfaces to existing alert systems, text to voice and paging terminals. As the requirements in each instance will vary according to the threats and nature of the local environment we are able to tailor solutions to the particular requirements of the customer.  Talk to us about your requirements.
Emergency Alerting Systems
Port Terminal Bus Call System
This system has been deployed at several ports around the world to allow personnel from visiting ships to summon a vehicle to transport them off the port thus avoiding having people walking amongst cranes, straddle carriers and other vehicles often moving at speed carrying large loads and with limited visibility around the port. The system consists portable kiosks or plinths which are located at the foot of a ship’s gangway incorporating a button that will summon the bus and with instructions in several languages. Additional individual call buttons are also mounted on cranes and carriers to allow the operator to also summon transport. The bus or transport has a dash mounted display terminal that displays the ID or location of the ship or equipment from which the call was sent. A variety of transmitters and repeaters make up the system infrastructure and are mounted in high locations (often on container cranes) for maximum coverage.
WiLAS Wireless Siren Alert System
WiLAS is a wirelessly networked, wirelessly activated, emergency alert siren system. It’s designed for single or multi-building campus sites. Because it doesn’t require any interconnecting (backbone) cabling or a central control panel, it’s not only quicker to install and less expensive than traditional hard-wired siren or PA systems, it can also be activated from anywhere on your premises by a security coded wireless remote control.

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