Hospitality Paging Systems

WiPath is the leading Australasian distributor of paging systems for on-site and wide area operations.

Our products include a wide range of paging system options for use in:

  • Restaurants
  • Takeaways
  • Bistros
  • Hotels
  • Bars
  • Clubs
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Hospitality Paging Systems
In House Paging Systems
Alphanumeric Pagers

In House Paging Systems for Hotels and Clubs

WiPath offers a variety of cost effective on-site POCSAG in house paging systems for large facitlities like hotels and clubs.

Such systems are ideal for establihments that require ability to contact staff frequently and urgently and also to enable communication between staff and customers.

WiPath paging systems for local area paging include:

Meal Ready & Restaurant Paging Systems

Meal ready and waiter call paging systems are simple and affordable solutions for restaurants, takeaways, bistros, food courts, coffee shops and bars.

WiPath offers solutions that provide more efficient service to your customers, reduce staff costs (staff do not have to look for customers) and increase staff productivity.

The restaurant paging system can include any of the following:

Restaurant Paging System
Restaurant Paging Waiter Call
Text Only LED Signs - WL1680 LED Sign
Moving message text displays | LED Signs
WIL 1640 Paging Controlled LED Sign

LED Signage for Restaurants

WiPath offers a range of indoor digital LED signs that can display programmable moving text messages or numbers.

They can come with integrated intelligent paging receivers, which enables remote control of sign functions and message display.

Digital LED signs can be used to display diferent messages: advertising, daily specials, meal ready or patron alerting messages.

They are very suitable for meal ready restaurants and queuing systems.

They are available in a range of sizes (from single line to multi-line) and lengths (from a few centimetres to many metres).

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