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Mobile Data Terminal WDT3000
Contract Design & Manufacturing
With facilities in Australia, New Zealand, USA and China WiPath is uniquely placed to assist small companies and start-ups bring their electronic and mechanical products to market by assisting with product design, development and manufacturing. Talk to us about your project.
Emergency Alerting Systems
Emergency Alerting Systems
WiPath Communications has developed a range of emergency mass alert and notification systems and solutions for wide area and on campus requirements. These include wireless signage, wireless data interfaces to existing alert systems, text to voice and paging terminals. As the requirements in each instance will vary according to the threats and nature of the local environment we are able to tailor solutions to the particular requirements of the customer.
In house Paging Systems
In House Paging Systems
A range of cost effective on-site pocsag paging systems for local area paging in a hotel, factory, hospital, restaurant or other site requiring the ability to contact staff wherever they are in the facility or to enable communications between staff and customers. Our range includes paging transmitters and receivers, LED moving message signs and remote control equipment for turning things on and off.
InnoTechRV products | tire pressure monitoring systems
InnoTechRV (RV Products Division)
A range of innovative products motor homes, fifth wheel trailers, caravans, 4WD vehicles and other recreational vehicles including Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems, Holding Tank Monitoring Systems, LED lighting products, Centralized Tire Inflation/Deflation Systems, Rear View Camera Systems.
electronic product design
LED Signs & Displays
WiPath manufactures and distributes a wide range of indoor, outdoor and semi-outdoor LED signs and signage systems. These included off the shelf and custom designed text and graphic displays, variable message signs (VMS), curtain displays, electronic scoreboards, video walls and other LED based systems.
Mobile Data Terminal
Mobile Data Terminals
Mobile data terminals enable the transmission of data from the back office to the mobile worker or fleet vehicle enabling job dispatch, messaging and vehicle tracking to take place in a single device. Both fixed in vehicle and portable units are available for a huge variety of functions. From dedicated-for-task units with ruggedised casings and fixed keyboards to programmable touch screen tablet type units in a variety of sizes and configurations, WiPath is able to assist you with your field management terminal requirements.
Wireless Data Network WDN
Mobile Data Software
Mobile Data Software for field job dispatch, messaging,vehicle monitoring and tracking
Other Products
Volunteer availability communications system VACS
Apollo A25 Pager
WiPath Communications is the largest distributor of pagers in Australasia and is able to supply a range of quality pagers and paging systems for the New Zealand and Australian markets. Our customers included fire departments, hospitals, medical facilities, aged care facilities, military bases and factories.
Paging Data Products
WiPath Communications manufactures a range of innovative and unique paging products including paging data receivers (PDR3000), large display paging terminals (PDT3000) and specialist encoding and decoding products (SitePage).
LogPage Paging Software
Paging Software
A range of software applications for specialised paging requirements including message dispatch, message logging, message filtering and rebroadcast.
rear view camera
Vehicle Camera Systems
WiPath supplies a wide range of camera systems for mounting on commercial and industrial vehicles. Cameras are available for rear view, side view and reversing as well as internal and remote views. A variety of options are available for commercial and industrial vehicles, trucks and other heavy machinery as well as for marine use.

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