Cricket Scoreboards

WiPath is able to supply several options for upgrading cricket scoreboards ranging from the simple addition of appropriate score and time clock modules to existing static scoreboards through total replacement of scoreboard structures and up to the installation of full matrix, video capable, stadium style scoreboard/video replay screens.

Our involvement is generally at one of the following levels:

1. Supply of components only – supply of basic scoreboard components including individual digital segments, power supplies and control circuits, unmounted and ready for assembly and wiring by others on new static signage structures. Includes wireless scoreboard controllers. This option requires a level of technical capability and construction skill.

2. Supply of assembled scoreboard modules only – usually consisting individual 2 or 3 digit score modules, time clock modules and dynamic team name modules each fully assembled in individually enclosures just requiring mounting and provision of power and including a wireless controller. This option is the most popular for retrofitting an existing scoreboard in good condition.

3. Supply of standard, stand alone, pre-assembled cricket scoreboards consisting 2 digit score modules and time clocks with static printing of Team/Club name plus Visitors, or optionally, including dynamic team name modules, just requiring mounting and the provision of power and including a wireless controller. This option is the most popular for fitting a scoreboard to an existing buidling or wall with no requirement for static signage. The only additional requirement is power at the scoreboard location. Note solar power options are also available.
4. Supply and installation of custom designed cricket scoreboards incorporating standard electronic modules as in 2. above plus static signage for club names, logos and sponsors and mounting on existing or new structures. Aspects of the construction and installation may be supplied from within club resources as available.
5. Supply of full matrix type, dynamic software controlled cricket scoreboards where the entire scoreboard is an LED matrix (similar to commercial advertising and school signs) and the scoreboard can be used for a variety of purposes including multi-sport scoreboard, advertising and club notices.
6. Larger scale specialised scoreboards that may incorporate fully dynamic graphical capability, video replay etc.
WiPath is happy to work with clubs to fit solutions to your budgets and to incorporate any resource capability the club is able to provide that might minimise costs or take advantage of sponsorship and funding opportunities.
Cricket Electronic Scoreboards

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